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What is it?

Black Mask is a new cosmetic product that allows you to get rid of skin defects such as black spots, pimples, comedones. A remedy that is easy to use at home can replace a trip to the beauty salon.


The composition of Black Mask is rich in microelements, vitamins and plant active ingredients. All ingredients are hypoallergenic, so they will not cause a negative reaction from the skin even in people prone to allergies. Consider the characteristics of the constituent elements in more detail: Bamboo charcoal. A component that promotes deep cleansing of the skin, penetrates into the pores and draws dirt and harmful substances. Struggles with active salovydeleniem and black dots. Suitable for gentle effect on skin of any type. Oil from the peel of grapefruit. The extract promotes clarification, cleansing of the skin, narrows the pores, promotes regeneration. Has the effect of drainage. Extract from wheat sprouts. It plays a role in tissue regeneration, nourishes, softens, regenerates, cleanses, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Improves blood microcirculation, derma (less wrinkles, unevenness). Provitamin B5 (Panthenol). Has wound healing, moisturizing and smoothing effect. Squalane is olive. This component of Black Mask is extracted from olive oil. It is a source of fatty acids that prevents moisture loss by the skin, improves its breathing, counteracts premature aging. Has a high penetrating ability, does not leave a sense of fat after use, protects the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating from its surface. Collagen. It is used as a substance that forms a film on the skin, which retains moisture. Absolutely safe acting ingredient, which is suitable for any skin. Vegetable glycerine. Helps water penetrate deeper into the skin and persist there. Stabilizes the work of other components of Black Mask.

Instructions for use

Procedures for applying the mask can be carried out at home by yourself. Cooking and applying the product is necessary according to the instructions of Black Mask: The substance is in a powder state, so it must first be diluted in warm water or milk in a 1: 2 ratio. The mask is applied to the skin on problem areas or on the entire face. Avoid areas around the eyes and with hair follicles. Wait until the product dries (about 20 minutes). Remove the mask by snapping it with your fingers, and slowly pulling it together completely. We wash ourselves with warm clean water to remove the drug residues from the skin. A Black Mask mask is recommended to be used twice a week if your skin is oily and with rashes. Once a week is enough for dry skin. The effect of using the drug you will notice immediately, however, to see the action in full, you need to complete a complete course. Its duration is one month. It is also recommended to use it from acne for prevention.


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