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What is it?

Denta Seal is a unique pasta that acts in several directions. So she is responsible for bleaching, eliminates unpleasant odor, struggles with the spread of bacteria, is a preventive measure against caries, reconstructs small deformed areas of the enamel. It is used for both preventive and therapeutic purposes.
The paste contains only natural miraculous ingredients. Due to this product is great for both children and adults. Only after 6-7 days of using the paste the smile will become radiant, it will become very beautiful. This product is the best for teeth whitening, as well as prevention of tooth decay. Toothpaste is popular in the world. The structure is distinguished by the absence of fluorine. Due to this, it can be used as a replacement for conventional paste. Permanent cleaning of Denta Seal allows you to get rid of microcracks, polishing enamel. It is considered a true breakthrough in the field of dental products, which can be used at home.
The microparticles, which are part of the revolutionary remedy, capture all harmful bacteria, they get rid of them from the oral cavity with bloom. Microcracks are sealed, the polishing effect turns out, the enamel begins to recover, strengthen. As a result, you can count on a brilliant white smile.


In order to use the product, you need to take a small portion of the product, which is previously applied to the brush. Purification is performed in a circle. After the procedure, rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth in this way every day.

Instructions for use

As part of a unique product, there are such valuable ingredients as: Hydroxyapatite. It is such a substance, which is extracted from shells from the sea, has an identical structure with an enamel. Mint. It guarantees a lasting pleasant aroma, fights with inflammations of the gums. Lime. It helps to freshen breath, differs the expressed polishing action. Calcium, fluorine. The ingredients help to strengthen the enamel, do not let the tissues break up. All components, acting in combination, guarantee a pronounced persistent effect, the whitening effect lasts for a long time, the microcracks become clogged, the oral cavity naturally heals. To buy such a paste is necessary for everyone who cares about the appearance and health of the teeth.


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