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What is it?

FulFix is rich in nutrients a natural remedy. It allows you to make your hair beautiful by protecting them from tarnishing, loss and other negative phenomena. The product is based on studies that were conducted more than 20 years.


FulFix contains components of herbs that have truly magical properties. Their therapeutic effect is enhanced by the complex of vitamins and amino acids, also included in the product. The tool contains: Saw Palmetto. In ancient times people noticed that the berries of this plant stop hair loss leading to baldness. Many centuries later, scientists found that an extract of saw Palmetto able to control the activity of hormones and to prevent some unwanted processes. Gotu Kola. Small very rare herb has a powerful healing effect. It contains group vitamins and magnesium. Gotu Kola contact with the scalp causing blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Heh Shou Wu. Chinese medicinal herb has a lot of opportunities. The experiment showed that after 2 month of use Heh Shou Wu in 93 percent of men the process of hair loss was completely stopped. Ginkgo biloba. The oldest trees on the planet. Grows in China and is incredibly famous there. Components miraculous tree run in the follicles regenerating processes. As a result the hair acquires a new force for growth. Ginseng. The grass, which was a special honor in ancient civilizations and is highly valued nowadays. Ginseng revitalizes hair in no time. Grape seeds. Hair can fall out from the loss of moisture in the skin. Fatty linoleic acid, which is saturated oil, grape seed, dryness of the epidermis. Nettle. Common plant contains many nutrients necessary for normal hair development. Keratin. Protein restores the natural outer layer of the hair, so that they become thick and shiny. Magnesium. The lack of this element of the hair can not grow normally. Magnesium stimulates the emergence of new cells and reduces inflammation.

Instructions for use

In one package of tools contains the capacity, with a capacity of 50 ml. This bottle is filled with serum with extracts of healing plants and nutrients. The drug is recommended at intervals of 2-3 days. Hair should be washed and left wet. Tapping the sprayer 5-10 times to distribute the serum on the scalp. After this rinse composition is not necessary.


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