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What is it?

GO2 Antitox is the syrup that is designed for smokers to cleanse lungs. Apply it immediately after Smoking, the drug helps to get rid of such problems faced by all smokers, as shortness of breath, cough and other related Smoking unpleasant moments.
Accepted that nicotine is the main poison that causes various problems with the respiratory system with each new puff. But this is not true, nicotine, of course, health does not add, but the main harmful substances in any cigarette is, first of all, different pitches that are included with tobacco. They settle on the lungs and lead to various diseases and problems with the respiratory system of the smoker. Settling on the lungs, tar contaminate them, leading to shortness of breath at first, then to the characteristic smokers cough, and can further lead to the development of lung cancer. It is necessary to consider not only heavy smokers but also those who have stopped Smoking but symptoms persist. GO2 Antitox it is recommended to take those who smoke and those who quit, wants to clear their lungs from entrenched there harmful tar and get rid of the cough, shortness of breath and other unpleasant manifestations.


Part GO2 Antitox contains only natural ingredients that gently, but quite effectively act on the body, bringing the lungs of tar and other harmful substances. What exactly is included in the composition of the syrup? Pine shoots, which are very effective on the lungs, clearing them from the tar of cigarette. In addition to the cleaning operation, a pine shoots have anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body. In diseases of the respiratory system essential thyme, which contains thymol, which is characterized by antiseptic effect on the body. Copper and vitamin C are beneficial to the immune system, help to protect the body from harmful toxins contained in cigarette tar. Eucalyptus is part of the drug enhances the effect of shoots of pine, light cleansing and strengthening the body. All these ingredients work together GO2 Antitox, providing restorative effect on the body and cleaning the lungs from firmly entrenched in their resins.

Instructions for use

GO2 Antitox designed to receive those who: quit the habit; just addicted to Smoking; smokes more than one pack per day. Syrup GO2 Antitox is characterized by a tonic effect on the entire body. To apply the syrup to cleanse the lungs after Smoking quite easily: the drug is administered three times a day 10 ml, before food. The result can be felt immediately after the first dose, and if you use the syrup for several weeks you can completely clean lungs from tar deposited in the respiratory tract, and thus prevent the development of many dangerous diseases such as lung cancer. GO2 Antitox at a cost comparable to the cost of 8 packs of cigarettes, but what effect on its application and use for the body!


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